About Us

Established in 1997 in Wigtown Scotland’s National Booktown, trading as Book-Corner, we specialised in selling books related to our passions of Natural History, conservation and gardening. During the following years we branched out into publishing, again concentrating on our main areas of interest. The publishing side began to take over from the retail bookshop side, and in 2004 we sold the shop to concentrate on the publishing. Now based in Norfolk, we are currently concentrating on building up our Wildlife Art Series.

Wildlife Art Series W.A.S.

Within this series we aim to share with our readers the width and quality of the best contemporary wildlife artists. We provide the artists with a series of blank pages on which to create. In most of our titles the artist performs the dual roles of both artist and author. This approach gives the reader a greater understanding of the artist’s source of inspiration and the techniques selected. Where appropriate we have included in the books preparatory field sketches to help illustrate further the depth of the subject. These elements are then skilfully brought together to form an exciting exhibition of the artists work.
Excluding a small number of shared design features on the dust jackets, the artists are given total freedom of content and design. In this way we feel that the resultant book is a true representation of the artists work, and a joy to behold.


Quality in publishing

Consistency in:
Artistic Excellence
Excitement of Content
Imagination of Design
Bespoke Production

Width in:
Artistic style and media